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Beyond the Treatment Room

Does This Sound Like You?

When you started your spa career, you probably had visions
of days filled with clients and caring for them.

Then the Reality of the Business sets in.

No one tells you in massage or esthetics school the challenges of running a business

Clients Coming In But You're Not Turning A Profit

How to Market Your Spa Business without Discounting

The Loneliness of Being an Independent Spa Professional

Retail Collecting Dust

Another Spa Opens Up Down the Road Taking Your Client

Memberships that are Too Complicated To Run

Have You Followed Other "Spa Experts" With Little Results?

  • Ad systems that don't address the need to get recurring clients back in
  • Changing mindset experts who are actually struggling with their own spa businesses
  • Marketing systems promised to be easy, but make more work than profit
  • A cookie-cutter approach to business growth that doesn't think about your specific business
  • Experts who tell you not to use deal sites in your business but Groupon their educational materials themselves 
  • No acknowledgment that every spa professional's business is different and needs customized solutions

We're Tired of This Too
That's Why We Created Spapreneur Community

What We Offer Inside the Spapreneur Community


Imagine a community where we'll give you the accountability you need to follow through on plans and actions you want to make in your business.


We give you the direction you need to take the right amount of action, in the right direction to move your business forward.


With membership comes access to our FULL library of courses, books, guides. Plus TWICE Monthly Mastermind calls with Ramona Rice where your questions are answered live.

The Spapreneur Community Is The Best Place For You
To Find the Support and Tools to Grow

Here's What You Get With Membership

  • Twice a Month Mastermind Calls led by Ramona Rice
  • Unlimited Access to Our Course Collection
  • Monthly Workshops on Topics that Will Help You Grow and Expand Your Business
  • Private Forums to Discuss and Learn with Fellow Spapreneurs
  • First Access to Live Spapreneur Events

Who Are the Spapreneurs?

We're a mother and daughter business team who believe that independent spa professionals can and will succeed with the right guidance and drive. We've helped thousands of spa professionals through our podcast, blog, and courses. Plus, we have an award-winning day spa of our own that currently has over 25 spa professionals helping clients in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.

DeStress Express EOHR-33-2
Lynn Graves, Certified Massage Therapist owner of DeStress Express Massage Therapy, and accidental business owner
Lynn Graves has been a Certified Massage Therapist in Virginia since 1996. Looking for a change from her sales career, Lynn discovered massage after injuring herself at her job. After getting "the worse massage ever," Lynn decided she could do better and attended the Advanced Fuller School of Massage Therapy in Virginia Beach, VA.
After graduation, Lynn began DeStress Express as a room rental from a former sales customer and grew. She is a graduate of the Institute of Health and Healings Aesthetics Program, has mentored countless spa professionals, and is an instructor for Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®.
20 years and countless stories later DeStress Express is the destination for massage, skin care, and natural nails on the Peninsula in Virginia. Lynn and her crew expanded the spa recently and what was one room is now 13 massage rooms, a skincare room, and a private natural nail suite.  The multi-award winning spa now has a staff of 20 spa professionals and boasts a client list of over 7,500 DeStressers. What began out of necessity is now a passion for Lynn
When she's not running after massage therapists, Lynn stays busy working in her garden, spending time at Lake Gaston, Virginia, and telling everyone about her grandchildren.
Ramona Rice is an award-winning content marketing professional. She also is an owner of DeStress Express Massage Therapy.
Ramona discovered her love of content marketing while working as the Director of Spa Operations for DeStress Express. Joining DeStress Express full time in 2008, Ramona quickly implemented new processes for promoting the spa on social media making DeStress Express one of the first spas in the country to embrace social media. She created the email system and client booking that DeStress still uses with its 7,500 clients.  She also worked with Rose & Womble Realty Company, the largest independently owned real estate company in the state of Virginia, creating their social media program from scratch. In less than three years, Ramona made Rose & Womble a powerhouse of social media for the entire country,  including national recognition by Pinterest and various real estate publications.
Now she works with companies large and small to help them capitalize on digital media marketing. Her clients include DeStress Express and Podcast Websites, the all-in-one podcasting solution from John Lee Dumas and Mark Asquith.
Ramona is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia, is the co-host of the popular podcast We Should Not Be Friends, and is the host of the award-winning podcast The Sports Gal Pal. When she isn't podcasting or creating content, Ramona is spending time with her tiny humans who happen to be Lynn Graves' grandchildren.

Happy thoughts from our Spapreneurs

Ramona has helped me to get very specific about my target market. I'm rebranding and reworking my business and I've actually got a plan for my growth now. My cash flow is STEADY. I know I'm profitable. Not only that, I have a budget that works for me to collect a profit.

Denise B. - Legitimate Massage, Las Vegas 

Ramona has taken the time to understand my goals and given me concrete actions and ideas that have helped me clarify my vision. Her knowledge of the trade combined with her business acumen is a rare combination in the massage industry and her coaching has been invaluable. 

Joanna G. Bees Knees Massage, Charleston, SC 

Ramona has helped me clearly define my business goals. While I have been in other paid programs that were great at the time, Spapreneur has given me the push I needed business wise to increase my return client rate, give me the tools to create a community around my brand, and increase my income goals.

-Beth P., Geek Girl Massage, Dallas TX


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