Rice Hopper

  • It is difficult to watch "Equals" and does not remember the elder by 13 years, "Equilibrium". The heroes of both films were placed in a world where emotions are eliminated at all costs. However, the plot of the film and the implementation of 2015 years is completely different, which makes the viewer does not have an unpleasant repeat of…[Read more]

  • Going to the movies for a movie someone like Ron Howard, it’s hard to drown out the high expectations. The man who gave the world such works as "A Beautiful Mind," "Race" and "Apollo 13" is, after all specialist drama and tension to build, which are key elements of most of his films. They are also an inherent characteristic of "Moby Dick" by…[Read more]

  • Neill Blomkamp is a relatively young and decidedly unconventional creator, whose productions offer an amazing atmosphere and spectacular special effects achieved with a modest budget.

    Films director born in South Africa but under the guise of smuggling caressing eye forms deeper message, treating, among others,

    of racial discrimination and…[Read more]

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