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    Neill Blomkamp is a relatively young and decidedly unconventional creator, whose productions offer an amazing atmosphere and spectacular special effects achieved with a modest budget.

    Films director born in South Africa but under the guise of smuggling caressing eye forms deeper message, treating, among others,

    of racial discrimination and violent world based on the exploitation of the weak. No different is the situation with Blomkamp’s latest work entitled simply "Chappie", which is a masterful combination of canonical titles under the sign of science-fiction cinema. That kind of betrayed this one sentence, what direction will the review? I assure you that the best morsels left you at the end …

    David Davadoss, Sharlto Copley CTMG, Inc. Near future is a place where the right guard mechanized law enforcement Tetravaal produced by the corporation. The streets of Johannesburg are full of humanoid machines that support human officers in combating crime.


    With the success of the robot is not far from satisfied Vincent Moore (Hugh Jackman), whose original project of a huge machine controlled by the mind has been pushed to the margins. Its corporate rival, Deon Wilson (Dev Patel), made another breakthrough in robotics, the algorithm responsible for creating artificial intelligence that reflects the mind of man. It is true that the head of the company, Michelle Bradley (Sigourney Weaver), Deonowi does not grant permission to use his invention in practice, however, the boy decides to oppose the will of the superior. Wilson uploads the program partially destroyed a robot that is stolen by a gang of thugs. Ordinary machine receives an amazing gift, through which it is able to function like a full-fledged human being, learning behavior and learning about the world.

    Unfortunately, as you might guess, homegrown gangsters create an environment not conducive to the education of "child" for a decent citizen. Chappie soon experience firsthand (?), What is good and evil … Jose Pablo Cantillo, Sharlto Copley CTMG, Inc. Once, in my humble opinion, the average successful "Elysium" Blomkamp chose azimuth at the history of focusing primarily on the hero, at the same time pushing the dynamic action and fireworks graphic sidelined. Light change convention quasi-cinema | family based on the seemingly banal and hackneyed concept diagrams, worked in favor of the film. "Chappie" shrugs its banality, successfully playing on the emotions of the viewer throughout the session. Sharlto Copley CTMG, Inc.

    Sharlto Copley CTMG, Inc. The core of the story is the transformation of the title robot that goes way accelerated mental development of a small toddler to fully conscious entity. Chappie by the majority of the session is naive like a child, taking for granted all the information provided by their adoptive "parents". Theme familiar to intelligent machine with regulations governing adult world and perhaps childish, but how different life might look like through the eyes of gullible beings? Robot absorbs any stimuli like a sponge, as indeed is the main driving force of unforced humor scrolling through the whole movie. Many viewers will explode with laughter at the sight of a sincere Chappiego imitating the behavior of their guardians, headed thug aptly nicknamed "Ninja". Gangster walk to the companies specifically held a gun is just one of the many performances involuntary steel robot human personality that even mention various lapsusy language and curses thrown at random. With each additional minute of film, however, becomes gravity and depth more than one moviegoer rozczuli the back of the title Blaszak gradually pojmującego difference between right and wrong. Jose Pablo Cantillo, Sharlto Copley CTMG, Inc. Chappiego depicting the trials and tribulations, Blomkamp resorted to simple tricks; However, as it is well known, the simplest treatments are usually the most effective. Scenes designed to soften even the most hardcore have been underpinned by appropriate music, hitting the heart like an arrow fired by pucułowatego cherub. With such specific content, the viewer is able to forget about trivial events next giving carried away a free-flowing narrative. Chappie is, after all, only a child, Jeno enclosed in a metal shell of silicon human intestines cities delicate shell. Sharlto Copley CTMG, Inc. In the introduction, let me mention a "masterful combination of canonical titles," which is one of the many advantages of the image Blomkamp. On the one hand, the cinematographic recycling may seem on the secondary nature, but on the other at the present time to avoid becoming harder inspiration deserved titles. Cymes whole lies in the fact, known to skillfully operate motifs in "Chappie" and the play went perfectly. Both trained and less experienced eye will recognize the twin threads like GETTING